Monday, 26 April 2010

Ok so:

First up, other blog I will be contributing to:
£5 a piece. Easy money all round! If there are any strange arts related things you come across, do let me know (you might even get a cut of the take! Ah the wonders of capitalism). The concept isn't too bad really,

Secondly, the joyous mess that will be the Children's Theatre Tour has a show! It will be "Strong Ron's Magical Gymnasium". Personally I'm not convinced, but I suppose as a 21yr old soon to be graduate, I'm not exactly target age (though I do occasionally act like a 7yr old). That being said, the team are a pretty talented bunch, so it should work. Obviously the idea of putting me in charge of a show aimed at kids wasn't something too well thought out, but hopefully the others will make up for it. It's also a much better title than "The Ant That Can't" (working title) which seemed to rely on accents to be funny and would totally be lost on the kiddie target audience. And yes, people are paid to come up with this stuff.

Oooh this is new!

Well this is the first entry. Exciting times!
Anyway, the evil step-mother (doing a thoroughly good job at conforming to cliche) has asked me to write on her 'arts' blog. What the woman knows about the arts is entirely lost on me, so I decided to help - when I can be bothered. Still not entirely sure why. Any suggestions?

On the upside, the dissertation is finished, or at least in terms of the parts that I will hand in. There are still things I am looking into, just to satisfy the masochist in me - and I want to know if the arts council really are as foolish as they appear to be! More will come of this I am certain.