Monday, 26 April 2010

Oooh this is new!

Well this is the first entry. Exciting times!
Anyway, the evil step-mother (doing a thoroughly good job at conforming to cliche) has asked me to write on her 'arts' blog. What the woman knows about the arts is entirely lost on me, so I decided to help - when I can be bothered. Still not entirely sure why. Any suggestions?

On the upside, the dissertation is finished, or at least in terms of the parts that I will hand in. There are still things I am looking into, just to satisfy the masochist in me - and I want to know if the arts council really are as foolish as they appear to be! More will come of this I am certain.


  1. liiiiiiiiink! I wish to witness this "arts blog".


    Plus I get paid £5 for every entry that gets published. Hello easy money!