Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Writers/Journalists/Bloggers: I Need Your Help

Hello folks,
I need some assistance. I am in the formative stages of writing something about interviews - from the perspective mainly of journalists/writers/bloggers and the people they have interviewed, and also the view from the interviewees of course. I would like to get some real-world experiences from people, on one or more of the following areas (or anything else really, but these are a starting point).
  1. How do you prepare to interview someone?
  2. How do you structure the interview and plan it?
  3. Who decides the location for the interview?
  4. Do you try to put the interviewee at ease, or form a connection with them?
  1. How do you approach an interview with someone you don’t know?
  2. What are the best/worst attempts people have made to make you feel at ease?
  3. Best/worst experiences of an interview?
  4. How do you try to steer or direct an interview away from things you don’t want to discuss?
If there is anything else anyone would like to offer, then please do, and please share this around - I need as much information and as many experiences as possible.

Many thanks!

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