Friday, 28 January 2011

Is the ecomony like your penis?

So it seems we can add a couple more things to the list of 'forces of stagnation' that Gideon is blaming for the economy being in bad shape - the opposition (who, surprise surprise, are opposing radical free market solutions to problems caused by unregulated free markets - here is an idea, get tax avoiders to pay their way), and the unions (who are not on strike, and are discussing strike action in opposition to cuts that might leave their members relying on benefits and government help that are about to be cut with maniacal speed by the ruling class).

This is only a few days after he blamed the last quarter's economic shrinkage on the snow. Little piece of information for you Gideon: the economy isn't like your penis - it doesn't shrink because it is snowing. The thing is, when the impact of the snow has been factored in, the economy was flat. No growth, no shrinking, nothing. Still doesn't look good does it. This is before the cuts start to hit. This was before the rise in VAT, and this was over Christmas, when people are meant to spend, spend, spend - especially knowing that many things would be cheaper before January (I did that, buying several books and DVDs because I knew I wouldn't be able to afford them if they were any more expensive). Now, I am no economist, so I cannot comment on the ins and outs of the markets etc, but surely if you have high levels of snow, then things that are used to deal with snow, such as boots, salt, snow plows or sledges might have seen something of a boost in sales. And lets be honest, it's not as if it didn't happen last year - the economy didn't shrink then. It happened the year before too, when things were in the toilet economically, and still no shrinkage. Maybe it is time to stop blaming things on the weather (listen to the Met Office, they are not too bad at the whole weather thing). Either that, or stop making excuses.

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