Friday, 14 January 2011

My favourite TED Talks

Now this may not seem like I've put a lot of effort into this post, because most of it will be made up of links to other people being much more intelligent and articulate than me, which I suppose is the point.

Here are some of my favourite talks from TED (more can be found at

Tony Porter': "A Call to Men"
I love this one because it helps to restore faith that there are men who can break out of the old fashioned idea of men being strong, emotionless and dominant - or as Porter terms it, the "man box".

Chris Abani:
Both of these two are really powerful. Having spend time in various bits of Africa, it's a continent that I rather like. Why, I'm not sure, but I like it nonetheless.

Naif Al-Mutawa: Superheroes inspired by Islam
I just love this as a concept. Also a great way to approach multiculturalism and integrating different beliefs.

Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the Revolution
This is the kind of education that I wish I could have had, focusing on skills and developing individuals rather than just people who fit into the system that is currently in place. On an educational note, if the link still works, compare Sir Ken's views and eloquence with the current Education Secretary, Michael Gove Which one would you rather have running your or your child's education?

James Randi
This just makes me laugh. Never understand why people believe in psychics and stuff like that!

Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability 

Emmanuel Jal: The Music of a War Child
Incredible. The song at the end is also immensely catchy.

Right, that is enough for now. Check out the website if you want to see more. I spend far too much time on it. Good for the brain though.

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